StartFi — a market audience for NFT creators.

Startfi is a brand new emblem platform tailor-made particularly for nft marketplace.

StartFi is a totally decentralized NFT (non-fungible token) platform powered with the aid of Ethereum that permits NFT producers to create and promote specific virtual property thru Initial NFT Offerings (INOs).

As a content creator, you have to make and mint particular nfts for assets like Digital art, track and so on.

StartFi is a multi-channel network for NFT creators based on the web3. Mint NFTs might be used by creators to supply precise digital property (movies, collection of sites, virtual art, music, albums, and so forth), empower communities, and distribute rewards through StartFi Network.

Fans might help NFT creators by using donating money, choosing designs, advancing the artist, facilitating or collaborating in fan conventions, and different innovative endeavors. As related token holders, fanatics gets prizes, revenue shares, and unique digital assets in return.

With the main NFT supplying, digital rights control, monetization/sales, target audience coordinating, production, move-development, associate management, incentives distribution, and greater, StartFi will guide the NFT ecosystem. Time locks, private swimming pools, milestone unlocks et al.


The StartFi environment offers:

  1. A marketplace for digital assets and content.
  2. A market audience for digital content creators.
  3. A decentralized platform to publish digital content.
  4. An international market audience for NFT creators.

StartFi is an NFT Multi-Channel Network (MCN) that enables content creators to monetize their works on the blockchain. StartFi will distribute its NFT to creators and builders through the startFi platform.

StartFi will offer a set of equipment to creators, which include a decentralized exchange, a video portal, and a content control machine. StartFi will aid creators in every step of the NFT advent manner, from ideation, to launch, to promoting and beyond.

StartFi also provides a way for NFT creators to integrate with many current packages. This lets in NFT creators to build, market, and promote their creations.

Benefits of StartFi

  • StartFi will make it smooth for creators to promote their content’s copyright.
  • StartFi will offer several advanced alternatives for content material creators, which includes Time Locks, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Private Pools, Milestone Unlocks and Cross-Chain Swapping.
  • NFT holders can sell their favored artists, arrange or take part in fan get-togethers and engage like-minded individuals in different creative activities. In return, you will receive rewards and revenue stocks because the platform’s local token, STFI.

What is STFI token?

STFI is the utility token for StartFi platform.

  • It will be used extensively in all transactions on the platform, for launch pads, Rewards and more.
  • The STFI token will support the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Solana (SOL) and Nervos Network (CKB) network chain.

$STFI is the token to power the platform.

  • Token holders will acquire rewards from pools distribution sales and NFT Transaction Fees.
  • Token holders will have voting rights on the StartFi platform.


Token Name — StartFi

Token Ticker — STFI

Network — Multi Chain Network

Supply — 100 Million

The STFI token is trading on the MEXC Exchange platform, you can always trade STFI there.

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